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Happy Monday babes! I have received so many questions about our new front door decor so I figured I would do a quick little blog post recap. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of our front door before we gave it a nice new facelift… I know total #bloggerfail! Let’s just say it was a dingy old navy with paint all in the windows and an old dingy brass handle – which I did manage to take a picture of (as seen above). If you’ve been following me for a little while then you know that I love thrift shopping and T.J Maxx & Homegoods, which is where I bought a lot of my decor from and unfortunately can’t link. But I have rounded up a bunch of similar items for you all to shop to match my front porch! First and foremost, let’s get my outfit out of the way. My favorite little white dress is from Petal + Pup and you can use my code: ASHLEYBEARY for a discount on their entire website.

You can shop the rest of my look here:

Now on to the good stuff! My front door decor –

Our Wreath (from Homegoods on sale for $19)

Our Plant (Ensete Maurelii Red Abyssinian Banana Tree)

Our Plantern ( Purchased from Hobby Lobby for $40)

Our Last Name Mat: Click Here to purchase your custom mat

Our Black & White Underneath Rug (from Tuesday Morning for $10)

Our New Bronzed Front Door Handle: Click Here

Grey Aged Porch Lantern (from Homegoods for $20)

White High Gloss Paint Color I Went With: Click Here (this is also the paint color I’ve used for all of our trim, borders and window seals inside the home).

I’m so sorry that most of my exact pieces are not linkable! I’ve searched high and low for some other similar affordable options that I would purchase myself!

Wreath Options:

Black & White 2X3 Under Rug Options:

Planter Options:

Lantern Options:

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