Our One Year Anniversary


All photography by: Sterling E Photography

I took a poll and you all answered!! Here’s a recap of Robert & my one year wedding anniversary and it is so bitter sweet! February 25, 2017 was the best day of our lives and reminiscing on all of these sweet pictures & our wedding video just brings back all the feels. We would go back to that day every weekend if we could! We were so blessed to have all of our closest family & friends there to celebrate our big day with us and I am beyond excited to share it with you all in this post! If you haven’t been following me for awhile and you’re new to my blog I’ll give you a little bit of a low down. Robert is from Apopka, Florida (right outside of Orlando) and I am from Columbia, South Carolina. We decided we wanted to get married in Florida but weren’t exactly sure where. I knew I wanted an outdoor wedding but I didn’t want a beach wedding or anything like that. After many conversations with both of our families, Robert had mentioned an old mansion that his family use to own and his mom was actually raised in. His family sold it a few years back and the new owners have actually been in the process of renovating it and started to rent it out for weddings & events. As soon as I saw Sydonie Mansion I automatically knew it was the place and Robert was so happy because it holds such a sentimental place in his families hearts. The first time we went down to Florida to tour our soon to be venue Robert told me all of the stories he had when he was a little boy playing at Sydonie and how run down it was. The new owner Amy and her husband have done such an amazing job at recreating this historical masterpiece! Here are a few of my all time favorite pictures of this gorgeous place.


This venue is seriously breathtaking! The last picture (above) is of the boat house which is by far our favorite little tropical escape. As for decorations I wouldn’t say I’m super crafty but I am pretty thrifty so I cut corners everywhere I could to save money! I asked for a cricut machine for Christmas so that I could cut vinyl for our sign, table numbers, etc… I also created the cutest little sign for our ring bearer to hold while he walked down the isle (don’t worry – I’ll attach pictures of all of that below!). I only hired a florist to do our cake, bouquets and the archway but I purchased all of the flowers a few days before for the center pieces and all of the table pieces. Luckily, I have an amazing group of girls ever (Stephanie, Taylor, Erin, Sara Ann, Tori, Logan, my mom and Robert’s family!) who are super organized and creative and helped me arrange all of the center pieces. We literally ran to Trader Joe’s and Costco for eucalyptus (greenery) and all of the roses, hydrangeas, etc… I purchased all of our glass wear for the tables from either Goodwill, Marshalls, Ross, TJMaxx and or Homegoods! If you guys love the pictures below check out my girl Taylor’s blog called Taste & Tailored. She is the real mastermind behind the centerpieces and the floral sign decorations – she should legit be an event planner no lie! Enough of the details though lets get to the good stuff – pictures below!!

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As for my dress it was actually two different pieces. I had a full sequin fitted gown with a gorgeous skirt over top that I wore during the ceremony. I purchased my gown from Ladies Of Lineage located in Charlotte, NC and the designer is called Theia Couture. I had the biggest vision and Pinterest boards for days all planned out for one day – the biggest day of our lives and only 8 months to plan it. It was a whirlwind and of course random things have to pop up to freak you out or else it wouldn’t be a wedding! I heard over and over again – Don’t freak out it’s not going to be perfect or exactly like you want but at the end of the day It’ll all workout. Shockingly everyone who gave me that advice was wrong because it was the most perfect day, even better than I had imagined, filled with everyone I care about! One of my amazing best friends Jasmin Elaine Photography did our wedding video and I’m not kidding it legit makes me cry every time I watch it! It is one of my favorite keepsakes from our special day and she did such an amazing job! Anyways, I could go on and on about this day forever but I’m trying to keep it short and sweet for you all so I’ll stop talking now and just attach a few of my favorite pictures below! If you have any questions or need any advice on your big day please leave me a comment below! I love helping in any way that I can and I love hearing all of your opinions! I hope you all had a wonderful Wednesday! Half of the week is officially over – looking forward to Friday!



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